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Why? Task lists & sticky notes are not enough.
And traditional project management tools are too much.

UPDATE: We're moving out of beta!
The features you asked for and more are now available at
To find out how to move your surfaces see this blog post

My simple surface is an agile management utility. It's like a big white board for quickly and easily organising lots of things. When there's too much going on, you need space. You need a surface. Move stuff around. Step back. Zoom in. Use the the space.

2 minute intro video...

How to manage when there's just too much going on?

Task lists are good when you have a list of tasks to complete, but are limited. Sticky notes are good for remembering random or urgent things, but are more limited. Project management software is good if you need gantt charts and critical paths, but is slow and cumbersome to use.

Link and share surfaces

Create as many surfaces as you need and link them together. Manage large projects with inter-related surfaces. Organise them in the way that makes sense to you. Share with team members for viewing or editing.

Get started

Go straight to your first surface...

You don't have to register to try. You do have to register to save. Registration is free!


June 2012: Minor update. Summary of changes as follows:

  • - Expand and collapse
  • - More touch devices supported
  • - Re-ordering, with an indicator to show where the item will go
  • - No confirm dialog when dragging an item to be on it's own
  • - Zooming is based on your view or pointer
  • - The quick start notes box (on the right) will now stay closed for next time.
  • - Item type menu allows you to choose both tick and cross
  • - Cancelling the creation of a new item removes that new item
  • - Ctl-s for save
  • - Item edit window opens in the right place